Nadia R. and Mathieu P.

From the very beginning, our son, Jacob has loved Newark Christian Childcare. He started attending NCC when he was only 9 weeks old, and we could tell right away that he loved it.

Every day, when we arrive at NCC, our son has the same reaction: a big smile just stretches across his face. He is just so happy to be there with his teachers and with his friends.

When we take him to his classroom, he runs straight to his teachers and hugs them. When we pick him up in the evening, he blows them a kiss. If the teachers are on the floor with the children, Jacob tries to get into their lap. He loves having their attention.

As an only child, it’s important for him to learn valuable social skills–not only in terms of interacting with other children, but also interacting with adults (who are not his parents!). He learns these lessons at NCC, through routine and consistent reinforcement from his teachers.

As his parents, we appreciate the fact that the facility has a family atmosphere. One can tell that they truly care for each of the children in their classes, and they show this by learning the kids’ names, interacting with them, and appreciating their unique traits.

We also appreciate the learning opportunities that the kids receive. Throughout his time at NCC, Jacob has had the opportunity to explore several arts and crafts activities. We are building up quite a collection of mementos!

Overall, we recommend this day care center to other parents. You won’t be disappointed.